Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ask Clem: Falling Out of Love with Blythe

This week Clem offers her advice to the question:

What do you do when you're not feeling the Blythe love?

This hobby can get pretty overwhelming at times with all our beautiful plastic faces to choose from, the shoes and clothes we demand, finding the time to take pictures of us for flickr, joining in with forums/twitter and blogs, not to mention the stresses of customising or building a dolls house! It's OK to feel like you need a break from joining in all this madness. Perhaps you just need to see them standing on the shelf when you get home from work and nothing more for a little while. You should never feel pressured to spend more time and money on this hobby than you can afford! 

There are times when all this and more can lead to burnout and perhaps falling out of love with Blythe a little. If you don't want to take a break here are a few suggestions for things you could do with your Blythes to help you find the fun in Blythe again.

Have a Fashion Show
All it might take is redressing your dolls! If they have been sat on a shelf for a while in the same outfit you might be surprised to see what a change of clothes can do for your dolls! I always enjoy getting dressed up!

Do you have certain items of clothing that you always dress particular dolls in? For a while all I would wear were the same outfits on rotation because it was "my style". Try dressing your Blythes up in clothes you thought weren't "them". You might be surprised how good they look. At the very least you'll have a laugh!

If you enjoy sewing/knitting/crochet you could have a go at making some new clothes. It can be a lot of fun even if your outfit doesn't turn out as expected! I always appreciate the effort! If their dolly wardrobe is getting you down and you're not in the mood to start another hobby you could have a clear out. You can then use your new funds to buy a new set of outfits. Repeat when you become bored of these clothes! 

Take Pictures
Organising a Photo shoot for your Blythe is another great way to get over the Blythe Blues. Just one pretty shot can lift your mood and change your perception of that particular Blythe. If your lack of Blythe love is down to being stuck in a photography rut take your Blythe somewhere new for pics. Next time you go somewhere take your doll with you. You might be surprised at the photo opportunities you notice even on a regular route. 

Practice Hairstyling
Plaiting my hair or sweeping into a bun really changes my look without much effort. It can be as simple as adding a couple of pretty clips to keep my hair out of my face. 

If you are feeling confident how about trying something more complex like boil perming or RIT dye. Remember to read up on this carefully first!

Lots of Love,

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