Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I'll Be Back!

Rosie Apples and Friends will be back with new posts soon!

Real life may have left me with little time for my hobby as of late but that is set to change. I am working on a new timetable to help me find time for the hobby I truly love and to keep sewing for my etsy shop. All orders are shipping promptly and with a cute little gift. 

I also have my ticket for BCUK 2012. I am so excited! I had a lot of fun in London last year and I just know it's going to be great in Manchester.

See you soon!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Loadsa Vegetables!

I had a sundries sale over on Blythe Kingdom a couple of weeks a go and was able to have a little spree which included two new Re-Ment sets! One of my new sets is number 9 included in the series From the Farm 2. I think the set is from 2004 but I used google translate so I wouldn't bet my life on it! It seems safe to say this is an older set and it's interesting to see how Re-Ment has changed the amount of items included in each series as the years have gone by. I almost feel like some of the newer sets are a little pathetic in comparison! 

The assortment of veg in this set is brilliant and I'm looking forward to including them in my future kitchen! My dolls will have Kamo Eggplants, Kyoto Red Carrots, Shishigatani Pumpkin, Shishito Peppers, Mizuna to choose from, amongst other vegetables I haven't identified. That's assuming I've identified the others correctly! 

A veg box is also included in the set along with plenty of price stickers and different labels to stick all over the place. It's the little things like that which make a set seem all the more special. 


p.s. Sorry about the quality of these pics. It's been very gloomy here and I'm trying to master some more of my camera settings!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Project Update

This week I didn't have much time to spend on my Blythe projects but they were always in the back of my mind. Today I got to spend a little time making some bows to match my doll dress and petti sets. I attached one to a tiny dolly hair grip for Little Val to wear and I think it looks really sweet. 

I'm going to put a few bow sets in my shop on Sunday. Making bows is quite addictive!

I've also been cutting pieces out to test a new dress design for my shop! This probably won't be the fabric I use in the final version because Rach gave me the cure birdie design with Little Val and I want to keep it for her. It's perfect for Little Val so I want to make her lots of items to mix and match with this design. It could be her signature print, haha! 

Hopefully I get to spend more time on my Sindy reroot this weekend. I was hoping it would be finished by now!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dear Diary: Running Away

Dear Diary,

This week I decided to run away. It started to seem like Little Val was getting all the pressies and I wanted some too. The only logical thing to do at the time seemed to be stealing everything and running away. 

As I was packing up all the best stuff I could find, Big Ol' Bossypants turned up with a little package just for me. It was all wrapped up in pretty tissue with a big bow. I acted all cool and that but secretly I was well chuffed. I did also get a lecture about how "we're supposed to share" but it was worth it for this super brilliant shirt!

Big Ol' Bossypants promised to make me some skinny jeans to go with it. All I'm saying is, she better or she can face my wrath. I can only be polite for so long before my inner meanie comes out. Soz, Diary.

Stay sexy,

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ask Clem: Falling Out of Love with Blythe

This week Clem offers her advice to the question:

What do you do when you're not feeling the Blythe love?

This hobby can get pretty overwhelming at times with all our beautiful plastic faces to choose from, the shoes and clothes we demand, finding the time to take pictures of us for flickr, joining in with forums/twitter and blogs, not to mention the stresses of customising or building a dolls house! It's OK to feel like you need a break from joining in all this madness. Perhaps you just need to see them standing on the shelf when you get home from work and nothing more for a little while. You should never feel pressured to spend more time and money on this hobby than you can afford! 

There are times when all this and more can lead to burnout and perhaps falling out of love with Blythe a little. If you don't want to take a break here are a few suggestions for things you could do with your Blythes to help you find the fun in Blythe again.

Have a Fashion Show
All it might take is redressing your dolls! If they have been sat on a shelf for a while in the same outfit you might be surprised to see what a change of clothes can do for your dolls! I always enjoy getting dressed up!

Do you have certain items of clothing that you always dress particular dolls in? For a while all I would wear were the same outfits on rotation because it was "my style". Try dressing your Blythes up in clothes you thought weren't "them". You might be surprised how good they look. At the very least you'll have a laugh!

If you enjoy sewing/knitting/crochet you could have a go at making some new clothes. It can be a lot of fun even if your outfit doesn't turn out as expected! I always appreciate the effort! If their dolly wardrobe is getting you down and you're not in the mood to start another hobby you could have a clear out. You can then use your new funds to buy a new set of outfits. Repeat when you become bored of these clothes! 

Take Pictures
Organising a Photo shoot for your Blythe is another great way to get over the Blythe Blues. Just one pretty shot can lift your mood and change your perception of that particular Blythe. If your lack of Blythe love is down to being stuck in a photography rut take your Blythe somewhere new for pics. Next time you go somewhere take your doll with you. You might be surprised at the photo opportunities you notice even on a regular route. 

Practice Hairstyling
Plaiting my hair or sweeping into a bun really changes my look without much effort. It can be as simple as adding a couple of pretty clips to keep my hair out of my face. 

If you are feeling confident how about trying something more complex like boil perming or RIT dye. Remember to read up on this carefully first!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Hello Kitty Mince

I haven't shared any of my Hello Kitty Re-Ment for a while and I've had this set for a while, so I thought it about time! This is set number one from the series I Love Cooking. I snapped up a few blind boxes when Artbox had them in stock a while ago because of the extreme cuteness factor.

The peas for eyes and a nose on the patty just kill me. I might have to have a go at making these for myself sometime! I doubt I'd be able to eat them though. There would be lots of giggling! 

Hello Kitty is all over this set, as you might well imagine but she is even featured on the bottom of the pan

I'm not really sure what this item is though. I assumed it was a bread bin but I don't think that makes sense in the context of the set. Maybe it's really obvious and I'm just doofing out. If someone does know please leave a comment! Maybe it is a bread bin?!

I also wanted to add a close up of this lovely bowl. The mince is removable as is the egg from the mince. I know some people don't like the spooky floating handles and, erm, hovering eggs but they are great if you collect dolls as well as Re-Ment. You can create pictures that are so much more realistic with these handy pieces.

If you want to see my other sets from this series you can click here and here.


Monday, 31 October 2011

Who's That Lurking In The Shadows?

Happy Halloween everybody! Little Val decided to be a 'yummy mummy'. They can be pretty scary! I'm not sure what the yummy mummies are wearing these days but Little Val is convinced it's tweed and chucks. Personally I think she just wanted to show off her new Pommecopine dress!

Have a happy Halloween whatever you do, whether it's trick or treating, having a spooky party or celebrating your anniversary by eating giant sandwiches whilst watching Scooby Doo. Can you guess which one I'll be doing?

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