Thursday, 31 March 2011

Better Late Than Never

It's time for the Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Better Late Than Never Edition! So I didn't make it on time for Teeny Tiny Tuesday but I didn't want to miss out on photographing my Re-Ment this week as I enjoy it so much so here you go. The back of my Hello Kitty frying pan. Too cute, right? Re-Ment wins again!

I do have a lot of Hello Kitty  Re-Ment in my small collection. Part of me wants to collect the more realistic items over what I would consider the 'novelty' character sets but obviously that part of me is losing. If these items were made in human size and at an affordable prize my kitchen would be a lot more fun than it currently is!

From the Hello Kitty I Love Cooking Series. I feel confident about the title this time!

Friday, 25 March 2011

My First Blythe

My first Blythe was Rainy Day Parade back in April '08! I remember spending ages looking through the Blythe-o-pedia over on TIB to make sure I picked the right Blythe as I was only going to have one! It didn't really take too long before I had a few more and my mum and sister started collecting. Yes, I am a bad influence.

Over time I have gone back and forth whether or not to sell Betty as my collection has changed but I just can't do it! I'll never forget the feeling of opening my first Blythe and she got pride of place on my dresser.

Rainy Day Parade comes with great stock and is one of the few Blythe's with true black hair. I think she would look brilliant on a Licca body and may try that soon as they stop the head from tilting downwards so much which is a lot more convenient for me than opening her up to alter her gaze. I'm hoping this will give her a new lease of life and I'll be sure to post new pics!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

D.I.Y. Easy Highlights Tutorial

I thought it would be fun to be able to change up my Blythes hair as easy as it is with Odeco's without having to faff around with unscrewing and soaking things. Clip in hair pieces seemed like the answer and I had just the bits lying around.

All you need is a small amount of leftover saran or nylon, a hair clip and some pva or similar. I only had fabric glue but that seems to be holding up very well. I would also recommend these hair grips as they are doll sized!

Next you need to wrap the hair around your finger so it's in half and place a clip across as in the picture. Please excuse the E.T. finger!

Next you want to pull the tail through the loop created by your finger and pull tight so the hair is now attached to the grip.

Now tie a knot with the hair near the top of the grip to secure the hair better and glue the hair to stop it coming undone. 

After it has dried you can clip it on the doll you want and cut to length!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

You didn't think I'd forgotten did you?! 

It's Teeny Tiny Tuesday! I recently scored this beautiful Re-ment casserole dish from BK. I also got the rest of the set it came from except the liquid that fills one of the small bowls - but, hey, who cares when the pot is so brilliant! 

I believe this pumpkin soup/pie/casserole/whut? set is from Mom's Happy Kitchen and it definitely makes me feel happy. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours (along with yummy mint green) and coupled with the cute balloon motif puts it straight into my top Re-ment pieces. It also came with tiny 'glass' bowls and a measuring jug that can be displayed as empty or filled with a plastic liquid piece! I have a hankering for more miniature casseroles style pots now especially the Le Creuset style ones although I might be waiting a long time to track them down/save up. Oh well, It's good to have goals - haha!

For Japan!

As many of you know, Effiethedal is running the most mega-ist raffle this side of doll-dom! An awesome Odeco package has now been added to the HUGE prize list including a beautiful doll donated by Mirai138 of flickr and six, that's SIX outfits to kit her out in. That's an entire wardrobe which includes M for Monkey, Bambina Carabina, Dutch Blythe Fashion with Mthalen boots, Feltland, Bearly Dressed, Jimmy Trickle... and me! That's my donation above. I suppose that's pretty obvious though! 

Get your tickets here and help the Japanese Red Cross out with as much funds as you can! 

ETA: In my eagerness I forgot to mention that the winner has the option of free customisation of the Odeco by Becca! Brilliant :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The 1000 Cranes for Japan Project

I saw this very touching project devised by Blythe collectors to show support for Japan and those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Its goal is for doll collectors to combine their efforts to make one thousand paper cranes as according to Japanese legend this will make a wish come true. Strings of a thousand are left to the elements so that the wish will be released organically. It is a beautiful sentiment and this joint effort will hopefully show Japanese collectors that they are wished well.

I realise that to some it might seem very futile and perhaps even pointless but I think it is a great way to show support especially if you are lacking the funds to make a donation to the relief effort.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! Mint Thingy wishes you all the luck of the Irish.

I'm pretty gutted I didn't have any orange fabric for his beard but he seems happy with his leprechaun outfit so all is well.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

I'm really enjoying going through my Re-ment collection for Teeny Tiny Tuesday. Today I selected the little Matryoshka spoon holder with matching spoons from the Kawaii Kitchen series, set eight. I have a soft spot for Russian dolls which is no doubt why this particular set appealed to me and it also comes with the sweetest Matryoshka cookies in varying sizes!

I really think this series has some very useful sets if you are building a Re-ment kitchen as there is a great mixing bowl set which comes with an ashtray weirdly enough. Set number seven is has some really fun cleaning supplies and tiny, tiny measuring spoons. They are the main reason I got set seven, if truth be told although the oven glove has such cute illustrations.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lettice Armoire!

I'm having a bit of a panic on about the fact that I seem to be incapable of opening my etsy shop but I am determined that it will be very soon! Today, to spur me on I decided to take a picture of my beautiful Rouge Noir, Lettice wearing a little something I had made using my Dolly Dolly pattern books.

She has been pretty neglected lately but she photographs so beautifully and I knew it was time to show Lettice off on my blog when I made this bright red pleated skirt. I styled it with a sweet white blouse by Hilary Wagstaff and RDP's umbrella is a cute addition. Also, it looks like it's going to chuck it down here, so it's more than likely very necessary! She is also wearing gray and white stripey tights with white mary janes (not pictured).

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Happy Pancake Day!

Seeing as it's Shrove Tuesday today I thought I'd do a special pancake edition of Teeny Tiny Tuesday! The only Re-ment pancakes I have belong in my Pineapple Airlines set which is part of the larger Puchi Airlines collection. Puchi Airlines is one of my favourite series and in case you haven't already guessed, Pineapple Airlines is my favouritist favourite! I featured the yellow cup in the My Top 5 Re-ment post and I could have easily included the plastic cutlery, the condiments for the pancakes and the fruit salad too.

I hope you all have a great pancake day and eat as many as you can!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Enormous Crocodile

I loved The Enormous Crocodile when I was a little girl (I'm still little, but let's ignore that fact) and would sneakily read it when I was supposed to be in bed asleep. Well, I always thought I was being sneaky but I had my bedroom light on so it must have been fairly obvious to my mum and dad. I wasn't exactly a criminal mastermind.

I've always thought Quentin Blake's illustrations and Roald Dahl's stories go perfectly hand in hand and I assume it's the same for practically everyone in the English speaking world. With that in mind I spotted an Enormous Crocodile from across the shop as soon as I walked into Playlounge on Friday.

I have been being careful with my money lately so I gave him a pat on his head before I went off to see The Wizard of Oz (which was well good - amazing sets! Very funny too). It was a lovely surprise this morning when I woke up to find this very naughty chappie living in my house. Thank you Michael!

He is a bit wonk eyed but I think you would be too if you were hurtling towards the sun at an alarming rate!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Practice Makes Perfect Sense

I have been trying to improve my photography so I can take better shots of my illustration work and the things I like to make. My toy collection has definitely helped with this. Although I don't think today's picture is one of my best I am really happy that even when I don't feel like I've achieved all I can with my photography, I still have a shot I enjoy. When I look back on my older images whether through flickr or stored on my computer I can see how I've improved and that it is all down to practice. 

I feel like it's time to start trying to learn German again and all the other things I decided that were beyond me and I couldn't achieve. All it takes is a little time and patience and I might start to see an improvement. Have a happy Friday everyone.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My (Small) Pecanpals Collection

I thought it would be nice to show some of my treasure and tiny Pecanpals collection. Pecanpals are designed and brought to life by Noferin - a husband and wife duo who have created the world of Carrara Island and the Pecanpals who populate it. There are nine main characters who live on this island which you can see beautifully painted by Candy of Noferin. I am fortunate enough to own an original painting featuring one of fave characters Pandacake (on the left of the photo above). Luckkkkyyyy.

These characters and more have been produced in both plush and wood. My favourites are the wooden characters because of the slight flaws, that my ones at least, have. It gives them a lot more life in my opinion.

I have already mentioned Pandacake, the artist and now it's time to introduce Fanelli on the right. She is described as an adventurer. I would love to be more like her! I also have a soft spot for Periwinkle as she is a wildlife rescuer but she has never been produced in the wooden series.

There have been three series of the wooden characters: painted, plain wood and monochrome. I always admired the painted first series but from afar and by the time I decided to spend the money they had sold out. I haven't been so hesitant with the later series!

To close I thought I'd make my first animated gif. Hee hee.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

So, here it is - Teeny Tiny Thursday is now Teeny Tiny Tuesday! I chose a piece from my small Hello Kitty collection. I have three sets from this series which I think is called 'I Love Cooking'.

This is one of my fave pieces partly, if not wholly, down to the super-kawaii ice cube tray. The ice cubes can all be removed from the tray individually and are shaped like Hello Kitty's face. It's the little details like this which makes me really love Re-ment. Look at the little decals on the glasses. I do wish they were watertight though. I may have had a (very tiny) accident trying that out! Another cool thing about the set is that the 'juice' can be removed from the blender, so if you had some tiny fruits or similar you could whizz up a smoothie. Obviously not literally but we're all imaginative here, right?

Here is the rest of this lovely set. I'm sure you'll agree it has some great pieces for your cute miniature kitchens.

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