Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back Soon!

I've been a bit disorganised and still have lots to do for BlytheCon on Saturday (not to mention my regular 'real life' commitments!) so something has had to give this week. Unfortunately that something is my blog. I will be back next Tuesday with the posts I had planned for this week along with BlytheCon pictures. I promise! Hope to see you then.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dear Diary: BlytheCon Stall Time

Dear Diary,

Big Ol' Bossypants is having a stall at BlytheCon and I want to join in. I've spent ages testing out different designs and finally found the perfect one but Bossypants won't let me join in! She says I'm only allowed to be a model at her stall. I'm bloomin' gutted. I've also been relegated to the shelf from the desk after using all her pretty cushion fabric to make my prototypes. I tried telling Bossypants that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for greatness but she's having none of it. I haven't cried though. I'm hard as nails, me. I also don't have tear ducts but that's by the by. 

I'm determined to be more than just a pretty face. Watch this space, diary, watch this space...

Stay sexy,

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ask Clem!

Ask Clem is a new feature with none other than, you guessed it, Clem! Every fortnight she will offer her advice regarding various different problems that may come up in the world of doll collecting. Take it away, Clem!

Dear Clem,

I am writing to ask for your advice on bonding. I was adopted by my very own Big Ol' Bossypants a couple of years ago and was relieved to get out of my box at last. I was the apple of her eye but now I spend more and more time stuck on the shelf, semi-naked. What can I do to change this situation? I can't take it anymore!

Thanks in advance,
Prima Dolly Amaryllis

Dear Pan,

I know how you are feeling as this has happened to me too. Well, not really but I'm trying to sympathise here. If I were in your  position I think I would find a way of (safely, I might add) flinging myself off the shelf to catch the attention of Bossypants. Is there a settee nearby or a cushion you might land on? At this point Bossypants will come running over in fright and check you over carefully for cracks or scratches. The goal here is to make her feel sorry for you and remember the fun you had together so look as pitiful as you can. I know it's hard with our plastic faces that so many Real Housewives aspire to but try your best. Sometimes it sucks to be beautiful.  

If this effort fails to get you dressed and/or some playtime or it's simply not safe to go about chucking yourself off ledges then I suggest dressing yourself in the prettiest outfit you can find and striking a pose. Your *cough* modesty *cough* will be covered at the very least and should catch the eye of your Bossypants and entice her into taking some photos. Don't worry about your Bossypants wondering how you got dressed. This will only make you more interesting to her. 

In summary, if your owner is having trouble bonding encourage them to have a dress-up and photo session with you. It does wonders and doesn't cost a penny. If your Bossypants like sewing/knitting/crochet/paper craft this is an extra bonus as you can have a lot of fun making an outfit together. It will give you a new lease of life too! If this fails to work I'm afraid it might be time to face facts and find a new home where you are given more attention. Here's hoping it doesn't come to that!

Lots of Love,

Next Wednesday my Bossypants will be sharing some photography tips.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: European Kitchen 2

Last week I showed you one of my European Kitchen sets and so I thought I'd show you the other this week. I bought this set specifically for the super cute (and super tiny!) measuring spoons. I have some people sized measuring spoons like this myself so they seemed a must have for me! 

Re-Ment also keeps me entertained with the illustrations they use on some of the items in their sets. The oven glove is really sweet but it cannot be worn unfortunately. The duster is also a bit lacklustre but the sponge, despite being solid is very nice and I love the washing up liquid. The pink bowl would also make a lovely fruit bowl I think. 

The canisters are very nice to but for the life of me I cannot figure out what Fraine is! I have searched but all that shows up for me is that Fraine is a surname and a place in Italy. If anyone can enlighten me it would be appreciated!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: European Kitchen

It's time for a bit of European Kitchen action. Oh yeah! 

I love the bright colours of this series and this set in particular which I bought for the mixing bowls. The ladle is pretty snazzy though and goes well with this set. I haven't quite worked out why Re-Ment has included what seems to be an ash tray. Perhaps this is an essential in many European Kitchens... or maybe it's a weird looking juicer. I'm not even going to pretend to know. I've also never come across a special handle to attach to your milk. I can imagine my nanna might be pretty interested in something like that given her arthritis so maybe they ought to have included it in one of the grandma sets made by Re-Ment. Only half-joking there :)

The pink mixing bowl isn't actually included in this set or even the series but I wanted to show how it worked with the bowls that were. They stack very nicely. I happen to know that the green mixing bowl from Mini Sweets works very well with these too if you want the whole set. Hopefully I can cross it off my wishlist some time. 

Yay for kitchen sets!


Monday, 12 September 2011

Flossie Revisits Her Roots!

Do you ever shun a piece of stock only to find that you quite like it after all months later? Yep, you're right, that happened to me only yesterday. Flossie is originally a Fruit Punch and I never had any inclination to use her stock at all until I came across it again t'other day. I thought I would just try it on her and would probably end up putting it back in "the bag of forgotten clothes" but she was really working it! I had no idea what to do with the tie things at the back but I figured something out and I reckon she looks pretty cool now. I'll have to have another rummage to see what other gems I've neglected!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dear Diary: My Ticket Came!

Dear Diary,

My ticket for BlytheCon came! I mean, this better be my ticket. By fair means or foul I'm not missing this even if I have to take the undignified route of hiding in Big Ol' Bosslady's stall goodies. It would be comfy though I suppose... best get some sort of plan drawn up...

Stay sexy,
Parkin xox

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The BlytheCon Sweats!

It's less than a month to go before BlytheCon UK and I'm starting to get a little flustered with all the organising it seems I need to do as a vendor! First things first, I'm super excited to be able to attend my first BlytheCon as I was unfortunately not able to attend last year. Like, super excited. As much as I'm excited (did I mention I'm excited?) I still can't stop myself from worrying about how many items I ought to make, how many bags do I need, did I read the size of my stall correctly, will I take enough of a cash float, what if nobody likes the things I have made??? I know I seem very melodramatic and no doubt I am being but as a worrier by nature I just can't seem to help myself! 

I had been intending to open an etsy shop for my Blythe and Odeco items several months ago but it always seemed to get pushed to the bottom of my to do list. BlytheCon will be the launch and any leftover pieces will be added to my etsy soon after so that pretty much explains why I'm obsessing over it. Once I've made a few more things no doubt I'll relax a bit and I cannot wait to design my stall display!

Roll on October!

p.s If you have any BlytheCon vendor tips please comment below. I would definitely appreciate it!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Puchi Donuts

Hopefully the gloomy days aren't here to stay as it makes taking nice photos especially hard for me! Moving swiftly on, let's talk donuts! Puchi Donuts by Re-Ment to be a bit more precise. If you want me to get extremely precise I can also tell you that the series is called Donuts to Go and it is set number one. Numero Uno. For some reason unbeknownst to me I really like sets that include trays. That probably explains the popularity of Puchi Airlines with me but I digress. This set was a blind box that I bought and wasn't particularly excited by presumably because I found it in the back of my wardrobe still in its plastic a few months later. I'd totally forgotten I'd ever bought it and couldn't fathom why I'd just lobbed it in with my clothes. The sprinkled donuts are particularly cute.

See? I guess it's a mystery that will never be solved. Even the twisty donuts look pretty realistic but I'd prefer them to be round. I'm happy enough with my one set but check out the others. There are some frog face donuts! Yep, you read that right!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Ghoulia x Ghoulia: The Comparison!

As you know, I went to visit my mum in Cleethorpes a few weeks ago and what you may have guessed is that my Monster High collection expanded somewhat whilst I was there. It was brilliant to walk in to a shop and see them on the shelf as I like to pour over them comparing who is prettier like I did when I was a little girl. It makes me feel a little silly but who cares what other people think, right? 

Anyway, my point is that I can only really find Monster High at Argos in London and in case you don't know, Argos puts all the Monster High dolls in each series under one order number so you can't choose who you are getting. You can do a customer view but you wouldn't believe the pain in the bum that is! It was an absolute delight to walk into shops and I somehow ended up with first wave Ghoulia Yhelps and Mad Science Lagoona Blue. Fantastic! I also had the SDCC Ghoulia waiting for me when I returned from my trip. I'm well and truly hooked now!

I'm going to stop rambling now as what I really wanted to show you was my Ghoulia comparison pics. I'm fairly sure their faces are slightly different shapes as the jaw line seems harsher on my SDCC version. Their lips seem a different shape too. SDCC Ghoulia also has completely different hands. I'm not just referring to the mould here, they seem a lot more realistic somehow. Owning Ghoulia twice over did feel a little excessive to me at first but having put them side by side I'm so glad I went for it. I think Ghoulia may have pipped Draculaura to the top spot in my list of favourite MH characters. 


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dear Diary: I Feel Pretty

Dear Diary,

I like walking around the house naked, what's the prob with that?! It seems it's too much for Big Ol' Bossypants and her delicate disposition and she made me where these black bars over my 'rude' bits. I'M A DOLL, I DON'T HAVE RUDE BITS! This also means I don't have any blackheads either but I like doing my nose strip and all over moisturing routine every week. Have you ever tried moisturising your entire body and then getting dressed right away? Well, of course YOU haven't, you're made of paper but I'm telling you, Diary, it's just not happening!

Anyway, as soon as Big Ol' Bossypants went out I got rid of those silly modesty bars and rocked it like the day I was made. Rollover my pic, if you dare!

Stay sexy,
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