Friday, 4 November 2011

Project Update

This week I didn't have much time to spend on my Blythe projects but they were always in the back of my mind. Today I got to spend a little time making some bows to match my doll dress and petti sets. I attached one to a tiny dolly hair grip for Little Val to wear and I think it looks really sweet. 

I'm going to put a few bow sets in my shop on Sunday. Making bows is quite addictive!

I've also been cutting pieces out to test a new dress design for my shop! This probably won't be the fabric I use in the final version because Rach gave me the cure birdie design with Little Val and I want to keep it for her. It's perfect for Little Val so I want to make her lots of items to mix and match with this design. It could be her signature print, haha! 

Hopefully I get to spend more time on my Sindy reroot this weekend. I was hoping it would be finished by now!


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