Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bookmarked: with Flossie!

It's Flossie's turn to catalogue her favourite things of late. Take it away Flossie!

1. I am getting a bit obsessed with Washi tape's. They have such a lovely texture and cute designs too! 

2. So I have to share my clothes and to add insult to injury they are just stuffed into tubs. I don't care if I have to live on noodles (Vicky: Huh, you eat? You know you're plastic, right?!) for the next month I'm determined to have a pretty pastel coloured rack to hang them up properly. Oh wait, I don't earn any money... I'm not a real girl! Dun dun dun! 

3. I know I look all cute with my candy pink hair but I want to be a rebel like Parkin and Pippin. This would out-rebel them, right?

4. I have insider information that this fabric will arrive at Chez Rosie Apples soon. I heard it was for patchwork but if I don't get a dress out of it I will stomp my feet loudly. 
5. I really love this collection of short stories by Dan Rhodes. They are funny and sweet and a tad depressing. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but the new one is really emo and makes me not want to read it so I have used a picture of the old, nice cover. My favourite is 'Knife'. The stories are told in only a paragraph so I'm assuming Dan Rhode's is an ace tweeter. 

The End. 

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