Friday, 25 February 2011

Very Vicky!

So, for my birthday I got Very Vicky! I had actually got her way back when she came out last year and had decided to leave her boxed up until I 'deserved' to open her. Well, things have been looking up for me lately and with it being my birthday (as I already mentioned) so I thought it was high time!

She has such a beautiful face with the brightest blushy cheeks of all my Blythe's. I can't help but think her and Dear Lele Girl make a great pair together as their face-up's are, well not similar exactly but reminiscent. Very Vicky is a bolder version; a lot more intense. Her special eye chips really suit her colouring and I love the new plumper lip shape. I am a definite fan of the FBL's!

I should have taken a comparison pic but I was a bit excited about having opened my doll at last and so I cut her hair really short just for fun before I re-root (I will show you the hair I chose soon!) and also I found it was a bit tangly. I think I went a little overboard with the fringe but as I'm typing now she is next to me completely bald and domeless!

About that: I found her head a little harder to open than my RBL's. Also her side face plates were not flush NRFB. Having taken the scalp and dome off to soak elsewhere I clipped her head back together and the plates are now flush. I think I will try to sand down the side ridges that hold the dome in place ever so slightly before I put her back together properly. Her scalp however, was a dream to remove from the dome after only a light soaking and both dome and scalp are intact!

Sorry for the long-winded post! But, a huge P.S. - The bloomers Vicky is wearing will be available on my Etsy in the near future! Woop!


  1. Excellent! She almost reminds me of Mono Comme Ca Blythe with her hair so short :)

  2. I love Mono Comme Ca! It seems a shame she's sitting here bald now!


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