Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Charlotte Eyser!

Yesterday the postman arrived with my Charlotte Eyser at last! I had been getting really worried with all the problems at Bic Co and hadn't received a tracking number so it was a lovely surprise. It's not often you receive Christmas presents at the end of January!

I really love the WonderFrog packaging. Although it's pretty hard to take a photo of something in shiny plastic that is also made of shiny plastic. She also comes with a pair of goggles that look like something out of Batman.

They have a lot better fit than the previous goggles which used to fall off at every opportunity. 

The colour is a gorgeous deep purple but if I'm honest it was the story for the character which most attracted me! 

"He took the money from the bad guys are quietly offered it to children, or even a good guy really is. . " (from the Studio Uooi blog)

Charlotte Eyser is the Christmas edition so I assume it's a take on Saint Nicholas/Robin Hood. I'm not so great at Engrish so who knows! Either way it's "Thief Supottoru special set"!


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