Friday, 11 February 2011

Bild Lilli Blythe!

So my computer broke just as I was getting into a blogging routine. Good one. I'm not quite sorted on that front but I have been able to borrow one to get my blogging fix!
Recently I have been wondering what to do with the pieces of a Blythe doll laying around my flat. I had customised them once before to create little Luna but I ended up just not being happy with her. The re-root I did was chuffing awful! I made the mistake of using a crochet hook and not making a new partline. A n00b double-whammy, I know!

 (Luna after first customisation by me)

Anyhow, I decided recently that I only enjoy doing re-roots and light modifications and not customising a doll fully because I was scared of MSC. I had decided to sell the disassembled Luna (who was originally an Adorable Aubrey) but thought she deserved another chance. She was pretty cute at one point and I'm determined she will be again!

(Luna as she is now with Mango scalp)
So, this time I thought I would have a theme which would make it easier for me to work towards a finished doll. I mulled it over, ate some Turkish Delight and then inspiration hit! Never underestimate what a sugar rush can do for you. I would model her on the Bild Lilli dolls. I really love their look and after researching a little more about them I thought a Bild Lilli Blythe repro would be brilliant and a lot of fun to do!

 (Image of Repro Lilli by the talented Virgin-Archer)

I'm not sure how faithful I want to be, she may well turn out fantasy haired but I'm really pleased I finally have a starting point and I'm excited to work on her once again. All in all, a positive day so far!


  1. Ooh, I'm excited to see how a Lilli-inspired Blythe will turn out! Though I must say, I think Luna looked sweet. ♥

  2. Luna did look sweet! Would you ever customise for a fee? I might have a spare Blythe I want to change! x

  3. Glitterbat - Thank you! I'm excited too :)

    Fallen Light - That is so kind of you to say so but I'm kind of a n00b and don't have the confidence to touch someone else's doll! If Bild Lilli Blythe turns out to my satisfaction though, who knows!

  4. Your long haired dolly you brought to the meet was divine, you are talented! Do you know anyone else who might re-do the hair? Can I buy a scalp with it already done?!

  5. Thank you! That is really nice to hear :)

    The lady who I think is most amazing at re-roots is Shershe. She has a link in her profile to her custom site. She is very popular so there might be a long waiting list. I used a tutorial of hers to do my own re-roots and although it was time consuming it can be quite fun if you find repetitive tasks relaxing, like me!

    There are a few others as well but the only other one I can think of right now has closed her waiting list. Oh! There is My Little Customs too and that is also where I recommend you buy the hair :)

    You can't really buy them already done or at least I have never seen it.

  6. Thanks for the info! I might just cut it and matt her face and do the make-up - maybe! Or just sell her! Lol!


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