Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

When I first saw this set from the Asian Sundries series I fell totally in love with the pot, ladle and bowl in particular. The pattern is so bright and bold and is printed typically well for Re-Ment. The lid just sits on top rather than fitting in place which is perhaps a giveaway for this being an older set.

The main thing that shows this set off as being quite old is that there are stickers over loads of the pieces! Totally gutted because I think it ruins the look of them in person. They don't look toooooo bad in the pics but you can see the outlines and the lumps above and below.

The plate in particular is pretty rubbish looking and the small bowl with the lid has lost a sticker as it was peeling off completely. The printing on the pieces in the first picture is lovely so I have no idea why they didn't just simplify the design on the rest of the pieces and print on them directly.

Overall I would say that if you can find the set for a good price it is totally worth it for the printed bits!


  1. Wow these photos are so perfect.
    Great blog btw! I'm a fan!

    xx Lucie

  2. OMG! These are all so cute! I just love this mini stuff!


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