Friday, 29 April 2011

Parkin got dressed in her red, white and blues to celebrate the Royal Wedding today and demanded I make her a tiara whilst she got busy colouring a flag to wave. I didn't much have her down as a Royalist as it goes but it turns out she got a kick out of the whole thing. 

It sure is nice to see a big crowd of happy people having a great time together. Especially when that includes a fly by. Fly by's are pretty fun.


  1. Parkin is so fun! I love her spontaneity!

  2. Ahhh she is beautiful I am just about to buy a Rosie Red Encore and this is just what I needed to confirm that I NEED HER :)

  3. Thanks Claribari, she is a fun girl to have around!

    Hi Katie! I'm glad she has helped you in your decision making :) Rosie Red's are awesome in all their guises!


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