Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Introducing Clem

I am a complete Dear Lele Girl fan and was fortunate enough to be able to afford her when she was originally released. In case you're thinking that you've never seen Clem before either here or on my flickr, you would be right. I have found her so difficult to photograph! I tried once and gave up, pretty pathetic, right? She is truly a pretty doll though and so I decided to stop staring at her for once and to, erm, stare at her through a camera screen instead.

I am wondering how similar she is going to be to the upcoming Blythe release Phoebe Maybe (Dear Lele: translucent edition?) but I think they will most likely make a great pair.

In honour of Clem's great unveiling, haha, here are five totally brilliant facts about her:

Fact one: Clem only told me her name TODAY! She is a total enigma.

Fact two: She longs to be a sweet lolita. I may have to treat myself to some cute fabrics and pretty laces to make her dream come true.

Fact three: Don't be fooled by her cute exterior, she has a steely core. Even Parkin knows not to mess with her!

Fact four: Gummy Bears are her favourite sweets. She likes to bite their heads off.

Fact five: She is almost as obsessed with Re-Ment cleaning products as I am.

Also: I will have an update on Parkin's mystery romance later this week. Catch up here, here and here!


  1. Clem is gorgeous! I am a huuuuge Dear Lele admirer, but I don't have one :( Love me some redheaded/blondie Blythes though!

  2. Thank you :) She sits on my desk so I can stare at her all day!


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