Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Look for Odeco

One of the reasons I love my Odeco so much is how easy it is to change her look. I've had this wig for an age without using it as I originally intended to re-root it. I saw it laying all new and sad in its box (yes, I have an unhealthy habit of giving human traits to inanimate objects..) and decided to whip it out for an afternoon photo shoot. For an idea of what she looked like before, check out the Odeco makeover I did using Ringo back in January.

(image: BLEACH)

I'm now thinking about giving her the super-trendy BLEACH treatment with a nice bit of dip-dye. I reckon I'm going to give acid green a go and if it turns out rubbish, I'll deffo get my re-root on. Sounds dangerously like a plan!

p.s Please ignore Ringo's slightly lazy eye!


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