Thursday, 31 March 2011

Better Late Than Never

It's time for the Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Better Late Than Never Edition! So I didn't make it on time for Teeny Tiny Tuesday but I didn't want to miss out on photographing my Re-Ment this week as I enjoy it so much so here you go. The back of my Hello Kitty frying pan. Too cute, right? Re-Ment wins again!

I do have a lot of Hello Kitty  Re-Ment in my small collection. Part of me wants to collect the more realistic items over what I would consider the 'novelty' character sets but obviously that part of me is losing. If these items were made in human size and at an affordable prize my kitchen would be a lot more fun than it currently is!

From the Hello Kitty I Love Cooking Series. I feel confident about the title this time!

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