Friday, 25 March 2011

My First Blythe

My first Blythe was Rainy Day Parade back in April '08! I remember spending ages looking through the Blythe-o-pedia over on TIB to make sure I picked the right Blythe as I was only going to have one! It didn't really take too long before I had a few more and my mum and sister started collecting. Yes, I am a bad influence.

Over time I have gone back and forth whether or not to sell Betty as my collection has changed but I just can't do it! I'll never forget the feeling of opening my first Blythe and she got pride of place on my dresser.

Rainy Day Parade comes with great stock and is one of the few Blythe's with true black hair. I think she would look brilliant on a Licca body and may try that soon as they stop the head from tilting downwards so much which is a lot more convenient for me than opening her up to alter her gaze. I'm hoping this will give her a new lease of life and I'll be sure to post new pics!


  1. She's gorgeous! Don't ever rehome her, you can never get your first girl back ;D

  2. RDP was my first Blythe too - I am not a SBL fan but I adore her - defintely gaze correct & licca her - I did that to Christmas and she's even cuter now :D

  3. Holly - That's true. Your first Blythe is always super-special!

    Robin - Thanks for the advice. I will definitely licca her. My PiccaE, Pippin had a new lease of life after I did that and I could never let her go now. I'm not sure about the gaze correcting though - I'm far too wimpy to open an SBL head!

  4. RDP just cracked right open - I used a no saw method thingymajiggy for her, I think I saw a tutorial on YouTube? It was definitely much easier than I initally thought! :D DO IT! lol xx

  5. That sounds good. Mayyybe I'll give it a go... :)


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