Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

I'm really enjoying going through my Re-ment collection for Teeny Tiny Tuesday. Today I selected the little Matryoshka spoon holder with matching spoons from the Kawaii Kitchen series, set eight. I have a soft spot for Russian dolls which is no doubt why this particular set appealed to me and it also comes with the sweetest Matryoshka cookies in varying sizes!

I really think this series has some very useful sets if you are building a Re-ment kitchen as there is a great mixing bowl set which comes with an ashtray weirdly enough. Set number seven is has some really fun cleaning supplies and tiny, tiny measuring spoons. They are the main reason I got set seven, if truth be told although the oven glove has such cute illustrations.


  1. Yay! I agree. I have the teeny tiny measuring spoons and have used them in a few setups/shots. I got them in a mixed bag of stuff on the bay, but half thinking about getting the full sets to have everything :)

  2. Claribari - the measuring spoons are definitely brilliant! I think it would be worth getting some of the full sets at least. The espresso machine is on my wish list. Bright yellow kitchen appliances = yes, please!

    Thank you Holly!


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