Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dear Diary: BlytheCon Stall Time

Dear Diary,

Big Ol' Bossypants is having a stall at BlytheCon and I want to join in. I've spent ages testing out different designs and finally found the perfect one but Bossypants won't let me join in! She says I'm only allowed to be a model at her stall. I'm bloomin' gutted. I've also been relegated to the shelf from the desk after using all her pretty cushion fabric to make my prototypes. I tried telling Bossypants that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for greatness but she's having none of it. I haven't cried though. I'm hard as nails, me. I also don't have tear ducts but that's by the by. 

I'm determined to be more than just a pretty face. Watch this space, diary, watch this space...

Stay sexy,


  1. The smock in the pic is awesome is that for sale too?

  2. Oooh, I wish I lived in the UK! Sadly the US con in Texas (? I think?) coincides with my fraternity's tri-ennial convention. I hope you and the girls have fun and post LOTS of pics and entries!

  3. 2:22am - Thank you! The smock took so long and was such a pain to make with all the little details that it's just a one off for Parkin :)

    The other dresses in the pic won't be for sale either the ones I have made/am making for BlytheCon are much cuter! Me and Parkin just like to try out new ideas in cheery fabric :)

    Claribari - I have no idea what a fraternity tri-ennial convention is but it sounds complicated and is hopefully fun! I will be sure to take as many pics as possible! :)


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