Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dear Diary: I Feel Pretty

Dear Diary,

I like walking around the house naked, what's the prob with that?! It seems it's too much for Big Ol' Bossypants and her delicate disposition and she made me where these black bars over my 'rude' bits. I'M A DOLL, I DON'T HAVE RUDE BITS! This also means I don't have any blackheads either but I like doing my nose strip and all over moisturing routine every week. Have you ever tried moisturising your entire body and then getting dressed right away? Well, of course YOU haven't, you're made of paper but I'm telling you, Diary, it's just not happening!

Anyway, as soon as Big Ol' Bossypants went out I got rid of those silly modesty bars and rocked it like the day I was made. Rollover my pic, if you dare!

Stay sexy,

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