Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Top 5 Re-Ment Pieces

When the weather was nice on Friday I decided to take some nice pics of my five favourite Re-Ment pieces. I don't have a particularly big collection but as each set comes with a fair few bits you can build up quite a lot of tiny, easy to lose pieces quite quickly!

I am not a hardcore collector, I just buy the individual sets that catch my eye and here are my favourite pieces (in no particular order!) from each although I have cheated a little bit :P

The shape of this cup is what really catches my eye, along with the bright colour of course! This was from the Pineapple Airlines plane food part of the Re-Ment Airlines set. I think that was it's name?!

I got these bowls in the sundries section of Blythe Kingdom. I had been after them for a while because they are so cute.

Re-Ment PYREX! That's all I have to say on the matter.

These washing-up gloves were also something I had hoped to find cheaply for a long time. They also kick-started a love of miniature cleaning products!

I love all the little details in this sewing box set. It is so well made and comes with a pin cushion that you can remove the individual pins from, a pair of scissors that can make a convincing cutting motion and lots of other lovely pieces. O.K, so maybe this is my ultimate fave but look at it, it's amazing!


  1. This is the best rement I have ever seen! Love the Pyrex and sewing box but as you said they are all great. Linda (hollychan2 from flickr)

  2. Thanks Hollychan! I'm glad you like them. It's easy to forget what Re-Ment pieces you have even when you don't have many because there's so many bits and bobs but I thought this was a nice way to show them a little love :)


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