Friday, 13 May 2011

Phoebe Maybe

Phoebe Maybe pics are finally here! I have been waiting with baited breath to see her official pictures ever since she was announced. Now the wait is on for owner pics!

Her hair is being described as light brown but in these pictures there is definitely a red tone to it. It's worth noting that Dear Lele who is definitely more of an orange redhead was described as having "Light Brown (Red Hair)". It seems very Amy Pond-esque and the fact she is a time traveler is a great bonus. Perhaps Phoebe Maybe keeps her sonic screwdriver in her cute pink suitcase. Although I do think it could be less 'Barbie'. I was hoping for a pink version of this green Re-Ment suitcase. I wouldn't usually gripe over an accessory but the suitcase is integral to Phoebe Maybe's background story.

Her outfit is pretty sweet, although I wouldn't have chosen the green socks. The pinafore is very detailed and the shoes are that great strappy style which a few other releases have worn since Bloomy Bloomsbury first showed them off. Her special olive eye chips are great, as are her light brown and must look brilliant against her translucent skin.

It seems like Phoebe Maybe could easily pass as a cousin to any Kenner and I can't wait to see her owner pics cropping up on flickr to live vicariously through. Maybe some time in the Christmas future she will travel to my house. Fingers crossed!

The pictures above and a couple more including doll details are over on Blythe Doll.

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