Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What's In My Bag?

Today I caught Pippin on her way out and convinced her to let me feature the contents of her bag. After she demanded I photograph her looking all cool and disinterested, it was time to get bag raiding. 

Me: What's all this Pippin?

Pippin: Just some spray paints for a craft project, hand sanitiser, a pretty scarf in case I, erm, get cold... and some leftover pizza for my dinner. Yep, that's right.

Me: Ooh pizza, can I have some? *opens box*

Pippin: Oh, erm...

Me: Pippin... is this why you keep sneaking out?

Pippin: What?!

Me: Don't think I didn't notice. It's not just Parkin who I've been keeping my eye on you know. You guys would run me ragged given half the chance!

Pippin: OK, you got me.

Me: Not to put a downer on your efforts or anything but do you not think it's a little foolish to spray paint your face everywhere?

Pippin: Huh?

Me: Never mind. You look great!


  1. Omg...

    1. This is my favorite segment or mini segment, or whatever it's called.

    2. Those silhouettes are AMAZING! How did you do them?!?!

  2. Thank you both.

    To make them I used a photograph I had taken of Pippin and used a tutorial from Stencil Revolution to get the right separations. Then I carefully cut them out and splodged acrylic paint through because I didn't have any spray paint. Sorry I don't know how to link in comments.

  3. I love this sooo much! It's flippin brilliant! Well done Vicky!


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