Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

Today I thought I would share my first ever Re-Ment set! It's the set that drove me over the edge from Re-Ment admirer to Re-Ment fan. I chose this set from the Hello Kitty Eating at Home series as it seemed like it could be used on a photoshoot by itself. A lot of my early Re-Ment purchases were based on the fact they could be used on their own without needing a whole diorama set-up to look good. Now I buy whatever catches my eye but I would love to create a kitchen and/or bakery. A girl can dream.

One of the things about the set that I thought was unbelievable (in a good way) is the knife and fork in a tiny case. Unfortunately it arrived a little scratched but I can ignore that most of the time. One day it will drive me crackers, I'm sure. The fact that a lot of the pieces are separate seemed absolutely amazing too. Also, the way the cup came off the top of the flask blew me away. I know I must sound like such a sad sack after typing that but I don't care, it's the little things that count to me!

I really do appreciate that Re-Ment doesn't just stick the pieces together as one big hunk of plastic allowing me to mix sets together easily. I'm sure this is what makes them so popular with others too and is what keeps me collecting. How did you get into Re-Ment?


  1. Possibly the most adorable teeny tiny Tuesday yet! ^-^

  2. I became obsessed with making a kitchen (I work with them for a living!) and decided I had to have some of the teeny perfection I'd seen in others' kitchens. Well, I won a lot of Re ment items and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the level of detail. Same as you, I could not believe the colors, that everything came apart, and how realistic many of the pieces are. <3 Re-ment and TTT!

  3. Thanks Holly, it is definitely a sweet set!

    I was just looking at your kitchen on flickr, Claribari! You did a great job with it. I'm hoping to get the Sindy Pedigree Kitchen some day. I love it. I hope Cassie had a great birthday too :)


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