Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday!

This week's Teeny Tiny Tuesday is from the Rilakkuma Bakery series. I suppose it's more of a mini-series as the individual sets generally only contain a couple of items. It's not the first set (shown back when this segment was Teeny Tiny Thursday!) I have from this series and both were bought blind as I can't resist when I see them for sale in person.

I wasn't sure whether this set was bread or cake but I settled on some sort of sweet bread. My boyfriend whipped out a couple of books that covered Katakana and Hirogana (which I totally forgot he had!) and helped me translate. It turns out that this set is crispy melon bread, which is a bit of a sweet bread as it is bready on the inside with a thin and crispy cookie-dough exterior. It takes its name from the cuts in the bread which look like a muskmelon and traditionally doesn't contain any melon at all. I guess you wouldn't really want to serve it with butter after all! Or maybe you would! I haven't got to the bottom of that yet.

I displayed the breads on my plate from a set in Natalie's French Treats that I will show you next week as it is really cute!


  1. So cute! I love Re-Ment, and I love Rilakkuma! xo Jennifer


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