Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday

Today is my household edition of Teeny Tiny Tuesday. I have a fascination with miniature cleaning goods and smelly household items despite not being particularly excited by them in their practical form. It's a mystery I'm quite happy never getting to the bottom of.

Anyhow, this set is from Re-Ment Household Goods (thank goodness for NRFB Queen otherwise I'd never be able to identify anything! Haha) and is number eight. There are also a pair of slippers that are included. The slippers have a really odd picture of a man and a woman silhouette surrounded by flowers, above the word 'toilet'. It's almost like a wedding theme. Weird.

There are lots of other great sets in this series and from what I gather they are pretty popular. I love the tiny games set with the water pistol and the paint palette included in another. You really should check this series out if you are setting up a kitchen or laundry room because there are plenty of practical items spread across the sets.

p.s. The washing-up gloves fit licca hands!

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