Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

Right now I'm in the midst of that age old doll collectors dilemma:

Do I sell a vast amount of my collection to buy one dream doll I may not even like in person?

So the doll in question is a BL Kozy Kape. I know, right?! Join the queue. I have never seen a Kozy 'in the plastic' and admittedly up until a few months ago I had no love for her at all. Then last week, it became full blown Kozy-itis. I have no idea what it was that tipped me over the edge bar the fact that my only BL, Parkin a Rosie Red, has become an obsession to the point where a lot of my other Blythe's barely get a look-in.

There's something about my Rosie Red that makes her so much fun to photograph and I put that down to her crazy eyes which are full of expression. In comparison, it can be so hard for me to capture some of my other Blythe's that it sucks all the fun out of a photo shoot. It is important to me that my dolls look as life-like as possible in my images and that I enjoy them. 
Umbrellahead's Sufjan, who sparked my Kozy love.
Sounds like I've answered my own question, right? If only I weren't so sentimental! I love my shelf dolly's and just getting to see them dressed up all pretty is really great. Several of them were gifts from family members and I would feel awful, like I was being ungrateful If I were to sell them. On the other hand I'm sure they would be pleased that they contributed to something that made me happy in whatever roundabout way. My parents are lovely, after all! But what if I hated Kozy in person... Gah!

I really don't want my collection to grow any larger, so maybe it is time to get strict with myself and think long and hard about who gets to stay. At the end of they day, they are *gulp* only dolls! Please leave a comment if you have struggled with this before and how you came to a decision. Did you regret it or did it work out great?


  1. I'd personally wait until seeing a Kozy IRL before chucking out dollies that you know you enjoy.

    I love me some BLs and EBLs, but even up close I find Kozy different. And not in a special and good way. She's definitely a Marmite kinda girl. Don't do anything rash. I'm sure there were be plenty o' Kozy love at BlytheCon and another one will become available in the future - they always do. :)

  2. I didn't feel the love with my Kozy. I mean, she is cute, but not THAT cute. I'd say: wait till you see one in real life, then decide ;P

  3. Thanks for the advice guys :)

    I don't have a specific Kozy I'm waiting to jump on. I was just thinking it might be handy to have the funds ready so I can strike like a panther when one cropped up!

    There is definitely going to have to be a cull however small soon though as some of my Blythe's are hopelessly neglected.

    Bring on BlytheCon so I can see some Kozy's! :P

  4. I haven't ever thought about selling one of my girls to get another...the idea of parting with any of them terrifies me. I am the girl who cried when we got a new kitchen clock after a few years... I get VERY attached.

    Two of the girls I am least attached to were from my husband and mother combined, and one from my mother. I picked them out, but I just don't feel the bond with them as fiercely as the others. I still like them though, and doubt I could bring myself to sell them. Ugh. I want a new girl so bad too though :( Sorry...projecting!

  5. Hey Claribari, I know how you feel!

    It seems silly getting so hung up over dolls but when you try your best to bring them to life and give them personalities of their own it's easy to get very attached.

    Let me know what you decide to do, I'm curious!

  6. I feel your pain - I'm having the same dilema myself, only the doll in question is Rosie Red! Clearly the answer is to sell a doll or two...but I haven't managed to let any go as yet either!

  7. Rosie Red is so lovely but I am incredibly biased! I'm going to take the advice of holding off until I get to see a Kozy in person but if I see a bargain there's no telling what I'll do!

    Good luck with your decision!


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