Monday, 30 May 2011

Squiddly Dot's Pull Charms

Last week I posted 5 fun pull rings and thought it might be nice to show you Squiddly Dot's. I am a fan of the Twiggy Twiggy rings because they come in such great colours and are really well made. Several of my Blythe's sport some Twiggy Twiggy's. Squiddly is my only Blythe with pull charms despite the fact that I have quite a few of these Kid Robot zipper pulls but I do like to clip them to anything and everything! This one is by Aaron Meshon and is probably my most fave series. 

I don't know why I felt this charm was so perfect for Squiddly Dot but it just is. What pull charms do your Blythe's have, if any?


  1. so cute! all my girls have twiggy pull rings too except lilou my msr she has twiggy's and a little rilakkuma in a donut charm :)

  2. You are definitely the Rilakkuma queen! I love Lilou too, she is so sweet.


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