Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Blonde Bombcase

If you missed any of the previous action, catch up here, here and here!

To summarise: Parkin is being very cagey over the identity of her new gentlemen friend after being swept up in a whirlwind romance involving tea parties, miniatures and vintage Skipper.

Here is the next intriguing clue in the magnificent (that may be a little strong), mini-series 'The Mysterious Parkin'.

The time: Monday 02/05/2011 11am
The Place: Mine and Parkin's city penthouse*

Me: Hiya Parks, been shopping? Did you get bread?

Parkin: I didn't eat the last slice. Get it yourself.

Me: But you know I'm desperately trying to become a hermit.

Parkin: Wait until you see what I got before you start going off on tangents.
           I'm going to look amazing!

Parkin: I just need to clear the table *sweep*

Parkin: Are you ready?!

Me: Go on then. Your dramatics have certainly raised the excitement level! (I'm right, guys, aren't I? ...Guys?!)

Parkin: Ta daaah!! I'm gonna be a blonde bombcase.

Me: A blonde bombcase? You're certainly a *something* case.
      Anyway, I'm not sure one bottle is going to cut it.
      You have a... a lot of hair. On your humongous melon.

Parkin: I already thought of that... *cough*boringpants*cough*

Parkin: Buy one get one free!

*Penthouse in this instance refers to a flat, above a flat, above a shop. It is a loose term and was in no way intended to be deceptive.

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