Monday, 4 July 2011

More About Larkin

I thought it might be nice to share a few fun facts about Larkin. Even though she is Parkin's 'twin' they are very different as I'm sure you can imagine!

  •  Larkin still doesn't quite understand what that string coming out of the back of her head is for despite (or perhaps because of!) Parkin's lengthy explanation last Thursday.
  • She is fascinated by Parkin's kite collection. Larkin knows she is not supposed to touch any of them without permission but that hasn't prevented Parkin from finding her asleep under a mountain of kites three times last week! 
  • Larkin's favourite film is the The Wizard of Oz. She wishes that she had a brain just like Scarecrow. Larkin knows that she has a heart because she loves life so much and that she is brave because she dares to play with Parkin's kites even though she knows it is naughty.

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