Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hair for Sindy

Here is the hair I have chosen for my Sindy reroot! As mentioned previously I had thought I would choose a natural hair colour for her but then decided on a fantasy colour after holding her next to some of my Blythe dolls. The Blythe that swayed me was Amaryllis!

I can't wait to get started! I chose Key Lime nylon from My Little Customs because I didn't want it quite as neon as Amaryllis's hair and it seemed a slightly darker shade. Once I've finished the reroot I'm going to try my first boil perm, which is another reason for choosing nylon as it takes a curl easier. I just hope she turns out as I have her pictured in my head! I'm working on a special outfit that will hopefully complement her new hair-do. I can't wait to unveil her finished new look, provided it turns out as I hope. Fingers crossed!

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