Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dear Diary by Parkin: Scrapbook Time

Dear Diary,

I won best in show at Blythely Common Kite Festival with one of my homemade kites! I wasn't surprised because my kite was quite clearly better than all the others, although there was a cute WonderFrog with a nice Sled Kite. I went with the classic Diamond and it was an excellent choice. I had a beautiful ribbon tail with three big bows on. The crowd went wild for my kite wielding skills. It was a great day.

Diary, I know you didn't think it could get better than that but it did! I was featured on the front cover of Kites Weekly! It's only my favourite bloomin' kite magazine! Definitely one for the scrapbook! I'm going to stop exclaiming now and check that Larkin hasn't got into my Kite room again. Although, I must admit it's nice to share something so special to me with her. We are twins after all! OK. That's it for exclamations now.

Stay Sexy,

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