Friday, 29 July 2011

D.I.Y. and Distractions

I start all these different projects with the best intentions but I either end up sidetracked with a new idea or I end up being so disorganised it just never ends!

This time I ran out of hair mid-way through rerooting my Sindy and had to order another packet from the US of A as I'd initially bought the last packet of this colour in the UK. Fingers crossed I will finish her soon! I have been really enjoying using the knot method to root her and it seems I am finding it a lot easier to root nylon on a smaller scale. I have a Blythe nylon reroot on the go that I started months ago and just haven't got the heart to go near. My poor Very Vicky has been bald for months! I think I need to start again really. The plugs were too thin and it seems to have developed a yellow tinge to it (it's Blizzard, a matte white)! I'm wondering if it's down to the way I have been storing it or if there is something I accidentally transferred on to it. The hair still in the original packages is fine.

My MSC arrived recently and so it's time to get started on my Bild Lilli custom at long last! I haven't decided how close I want to make her to Bild Lilli or if it will be more of a loosely inspired custom. Considering how long ago I mentioned I wanted to do this, you'd think I'd have more of an idea but given how easily distracted I evidently am, it's probably not so surprising. 

I console myself with the fact that it's not just me who does this... I hope!


  1. Oh, gosh no, sweetie! I have poor Hana almost done, and I don't have the heart to seal her and finish up the reroot. I don't know why I'm nervous about that... And Yula...I didn't ever paint or detail her lids, but I sanded off her gloss, so I need to do something with her and seal her. I never got her her purple highlights either. You're not alone!

  2. Wow - what a cool Sindy re-root! :)

  3. Claribari - We will have to start some sort of Blythe project support group!

    Candy Pop - Thank you :D I can't wait to finish it and style her! It'll happen eventually I hope!!


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