Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Natalie's French Treats

This set is another from Natalie's French Treats and is perhaps my favourite from that series. I was lucky enough to find it in a blindbox otherwise I'm not sure it would have turned up on my radar. I'm telling you now, I would have totally missed out! 

I love the variety of desserts that are included in this set and I have a soft spot for the crème brûlée in its tiny ramekin. The inclusion of the mini chocolate Eiffel tower is brilliant and makes the set complete in my opinion. It's only just now that I have realised that I seem to be most drawn to the tiniest pieces of the sets I have. I'm sure many other Re-Ment collectors feel the same!

The tableware is especially good in this set also. I think there may have been a knife with this set but if so I must have misplaced it unfortunately. Anyway, what I really wanted to show you in this picture is the plates. How cute are they?! The graphics are simple and stylish, the colours are lovely and there is just the right amount of decoration for that luxurious Parisian café feel. I have never actually been to Paris, I should mention but it plays up to everything I imagine it to be! Well, the café's at least :)



  1. They are so very cute.. I must resist buying these things!

  2. Don't resist - nothing good has ever come from resisting tiny cute things! :)


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