Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Silver Dish Rack

I promised I would show you the silver Re-Ment dish rack this week after showing you the pink one last week, so here it is! 

The sponge is my absolute favourite piece in this set (from 'Is Dinner Ready?') and the main reason I bought this if I'm honest. I also love the tea towels because they are such a classic pattern. I'm not entirely sure but it seems like there are two dish soaps and a hand wash. I'm not sure why there would be two lots of washing up liquid but maybe they are for different things? The scourer freaks me out a bit if I'm honest and I have thought about throwing it in the bin but I like to have complete sets where possible. It kind of looks like a small furry animal!

The rack itself is a lot smaller than the pink Storage Beauty version and the plates cannot stand up in the slots. They seem slightly out of proportion to the rack to my eyes. The patterns on the four plates included are very sweet though. 

I have put a 50 pence piece in the comparison image to show scale overall. It's pretty clear that the silver dish rack is a better size for the Re-Ment kitchens available but the pink set edges it for me because it is so colourful.
What is your favourite dish rack set?

Tomorrow will be the grand occasion of my 100th post and I'll be running a special giveaway so be sure to check back for details!



  1. Definitely the pink one! I got that in a mixed lot, so I am missing some of the pieces with it, but I got the adorable mug tree. Sooo worth it. I like the soap caddy and sponge with the gray, but don't know if I would purchase it just for those. Hmm.
    The scouring thing looks akin to a tribble! Hahaha.

  2. i love these dish rack sets i usually switch them both out in my kitchen displays only because the pink one takes up all the space, really depends on the set up i want to do :)

  3. Claribari - I had to google what a tribble was, haha! You're right, it does look like one though :D

    Catholicked - You're the queen of cute kitchen set-ups! You work those sets! :)

  4. This is sooooo cute! I might have to start a whole new dollhouse just to use these things! :-)


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