Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Pink Dish Rack

This week it's the turn of the pink dish rack from the Storage Beauty series to get Teeny Tiny Tuesday'd. There is also a silver dish rack which is much smaller and I will be showing that next Tuesday. 

This set is so charming if pretty big! I love all the cute patterns and fun colours which decorate the pieces. My favourite is the fruity tea towel. I love that Re-Ment adds cute illustrations in some sets, such as the matryoshka kettle cover and the little oven glove found in the Kawaii Kitchen series. I'm not sure what is going on with design on the mugs though! I think it's some fish swimming near some seaweed which is, you know, fine but I would have loved the fruit design to be continued elsewhere just because it's so cute. 

It's great that the dishes are able to stand up to dry individually and there is plenty of room for the cutlery too. This dish rack would be perfect if you were creating your own custom kitchen but unfortunately it would be far to big for any of the Re-Ment made ones. The silver one I will show you next week is a lot better for that purpose and I will include comparison pics too!

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