Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Middie Blythe Milk & Honey

The official pictures of the new Middie Blythe were released yesterday and since I saw them I've been thinking about the Middie releases so far. All in all I think this is only the fourth Middie release and I'm a bit bored already if truth be told. Love & More still has my Christmas wishes and don't get me wrong, this little girl is cute but why all the natural hair colours? You can't please everyone all of the time but I do really and truly love her eye colour. I hope they make chips in this gorgeous lavender for Neo Blythe soon (if they already have, please tell me which Blythe!).

I suppose you can tell, I'm hankering after a fantasy haired Middie. Due to their pocket-sized nature I can't help but picture my dream Middie as having pretty pastel make-up and complementary pastel hair. Or something totally rocking at odds with their sweet little faces. My imagination doesn't really stretch to their outfits but given that there aren't many clothes available for them at the moment, something practical like the Raspberry Sorbet stock would be nice. My ultimate dream would be if they made a Middie with similar coloured hair to Flossie, my Sugarless Gum reroot. A lovely pale mint colour would be a must have too. Maybe next time!


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