Monday, 29 August 2011

Ghoulia x Dead Fast

I doubt there are any Monster High fans out there who don't know about the San Diego Comic-Con version of Ghoulia Yelps but I only got mine t'other day so pics can't be avoided I'm afraid! First of all I want to say she is totally brilliant and I would definitely recommend getting her if you're a Monster High fan and can find her for a reasonable price. I found mine on Matty Collector for £18 which included shipping to the UK from America - ace!

As you can see she comes with quite a lot of stuff including a mini-figure of Dead Fast (my fave piece) who is her favourite Zombie super-hero and the basis for her amazing costume. The box is brilliant (but I forgot about taking pics of that, oops, sorry!) and has a bit of background info on Dead Fast and also contains a comic book. There are actually two comic books in the box, one for Ghoulia and the one I mentioned previously which is more human sized.

I love that there are two pairs of glasses included and all the other little details like the Nekro-Con lanyard, bag and metallic/transparent stand. Totally worth it for 18 quid! I am well and truly a Monster High fan now - there's no going back!


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