Monday, 22 August 2011

Monster High: Lagoona Blue Mad Science!

I have more Monster High! I am still really excited that I was able to get my hands on the Mad Science Classroom Lagoona and first wave Ghoulia last week. I haven't had much luck finding them in London (I know, right!? I'm clearly looking in the wrong places) but I'm hoping to track down Frankie Stein Home Ick because I regret passing her up now. Anyway, back to Lagoona!

She is absolutely stunning and such good value too. The amount of accessories she came with including two outfits is excellent but my favourite piece is probably the lab coat. Brilliant. I nearly bought the original Lagoona but was able to compare them in the shop and Mad Science Lagoona pipped it for me. Her face-up is beautiful and the pinkier lip colour really suits her. The plaits in her hair are perfect and I love her swooshy fringe. One thing I had not noticed in pictures (and I don't think my camera picks it up here) is her pearly skin. It is very subtle and adds that extra something not to mention her amazing translucent webbed hands and fins.

Sorry you can't see her full outfits in these pictures but I wanted to show you how pretty she is! Lagoona wears a blue mini dress under the lab coat with an anchor and bubble print and her second outfit is an asymmetric top with a wave pattern and a small bow at the bottom and a pair of teal cut-offs with black trim. The latter outfit is probably my favourite on her.

Her shoes are pretty nice and are painted a lot better than my Gloom Beach Frankie pair. I was a bit worried that the quality might have gone downhill on the Monster High dolls after I was pretty disappointed with my GB Frankie and her smudgey face with split legs (She's still beautiful though!) but I'm pleased to say that despite a bit of floppiness, Lagoona and her accessories are perfect.

Her locker has a working lock and it looks like they are stackable if you have multiples. The bottom has the MH letters debossed whereas the letters on the top are raised. I don't want to ramble on about the accessories in these pictures given how much I've rambled on above but I will say the three-eyed frog in the jar shedding a single tear is very cute!


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