Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Hello Kitty Stationery

It's a teeny tiny Teeny Tiny Tuesday today. I would love to build up a mini collection of Re-Ment stationery and this Hello Kitty series is the perfect place to start! If I had more money to spend on hobbies at the moment I would snap this whole set up in a heartbeat.

I have the box file and paper clip set which I got in a blind box and Parkin showed off during Parkin week and recently I got my grabby little hands on the sellotape and glue set. It is completely charming and the print quality on the pieces is fantastic. The sellotape has a cute Hello Kitty design and slots into the holder so it can spin around. It has a really authentic transparent look. The glue is equally cute and even has a bubble inside that just makes it seem so much more realistic.

I can't wait to set up a diorama with my new stationery!


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