Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Dumplings

This is another set I picked up in a blind box and have steadily grown to appreciate. It is another set from Is Dinner Ready? (Kid Robot had them for sale in their London shop at the time and I can't resist Re-Ment in person!) and has lots of cute details. I turned the dumplings over on the plate so you can see how they are 'cooked' on the bottom! Totally brilliant. I also love how the caps come off the two glass sauce bottles on the left. Well, it's great for pictures but not so great if you don't like the thought of losing any of your beloved Re-Ment. You can also see that there is a little bowl of dipping sauce with a matching design to the plate and a tiny bottle of sauce that explains how it got there. Lovely touch.

I really like the red enamelled pan with the glass lid too. I only have one other frying pan from an unknown set and this is nicer :) The pan has a silver bottom with the typical circle design. My brain isn't working well enough to describe it beyond that! The jug with the water pouring out of it is pretty good and I do like these kind of items when I have a doll to pose with it - otherwise it looks a bit creepy unless you crop the handle out of the picture. It can be dismantled though so you don't have to include the water in pics if you don't want to. The spatula seems a little mismatched but it seems to make the set seem more realistic to me. I know I have barely anything that matches in my kitchen!

Is there any Re-Ment set I don't like?!


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  1. Cute minis. What a find! Glad I found your blog today!


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