Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ask Clem: Original, Substitute or Save?

Today Clem offers her advice to the question:

My dream doll is kinda out of my league price-wise. Should I settle for a similar but not quite the same girl or save up? I've also seen that some people customise a cheaper doll as close as possible to the original. Clem, what do you recommend? 

There are a few roads you can go down when obsessively hankering after a doll. First of all, I'd try to be as objective as possible about how much you like this girl. I've seen the amount of time you guys spend staring at pictures of me and my friends on the internet (and I find it a little creepy tbh) but how many of you have seen the girl your crazy about in person?

First Things First
If you have the possibility of attending meets they are a great way to get a good look at new dolls. You might find you much prefer a different girl after seeing her in person and being caught off guard. 

Saving Up
If seeing the doll isn't possible as it would rely on several strokes of luck you should consider how much you prefer the idea of this new pretender over the Blythes you already own. If there are any you feel lukewarm about perhaps now is the time to consider moving them on. Pack them away for a couple of weeks and see if you miss them to test the waters.

Another way to raise some funds may be to have a closet clear out. It may seem like a lot of hassle to sell a handful of clothes for a few [insert favoured currency here] each but it adds up a lot quicker then you might think! However, do not think about selling any of your dolls favourite items or you may have a mutiny on your hands! 

This seems to me the least satisfactory of all options but maybe I'm an idealist. Sure you might love this girl but a part of you is always going to be thinking about the real deal. Your Blythe doesn't deserve this fate! We are all special!

First of all you're going to want to work out whether customisation really is the cheaper option. Especially if you want to pay a customiser! Customising yourself is a really fun option in my opinion. It may be a long and frustrating process but no doubt you will learn something new in the process and perhaps even make a few new friends. Your doll will also be unique (kind of)! You may even bond with the doll over the customisation process but be prepared for the fact you may still hanker after her original.

Hope this has been helpful!

Lots of love,

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