Friday, 28 October 2011

Project Update!

I tend to start projects within this hobby that get left, looking sad in a corner of the room. I decided to start this feature to encourage me to get this stuff done at last! 
Little Val got a new white pull ring and string from Twiggy Twiggy. I am a big fan of white pull rings for some reason. Way more exciting than the flesh coloured rings at least! I managed to do it without opening her head using this YouTube tutorial by blytheluv. 

I also got round to rerooting more of my Sindy head. I'm not really sure how many plugs I'm supposed to add as there was a lot of scalp on show when I first got her. I have added a fair few but she still seems a bit patchy on the crown. I'm using the knot method so it should be easy to fill out a bit at the end. I'm hoping to have her finished next week, ready to style. Fingers Crossed!



  1. For your Sindy, I would suggest filling all the current holes she has and then back fill any baldy spots she has after :) Dont stress about it until after its done as lots gets hidden by styling after too <3

  2. Thanks Robin! I'm really excited to see what she looks like when I've finished. Glad to know that styling does make a difference!


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