Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Samurai Airlines

Last weeks Teeny Tiny Tuesday was Bonjour Airlines. This week it's Samurai Airlines! I wish I had the entire Puchi Airlines series because they are such detailed sets with so many pieces but alas, this is my last one. 

The menu (according to the little paper one shown) for your trip on Samurai Airlines traveling from Tokyo to Seoul is:

Chirashi Sushi
Boiled & Seasoned Vegetables
Soba with Dipping Sauce
Strawberry Sponge Cake
Bread & Butter 
Mineral Water

My favourite pieces in this set are the chopsticks and the tiny butter! I'm not entirely sure about the strawberry sponge. It looks a little weird and not as realistic as I'm used to for Re-Ment. Maybe it is modeled on a Japanese desert which looks exactly like this but I'm really not sure.

The dishes are also very cute and I just love the spoon ladle thing too! The tray is even embossed on the back with the Samurai Airlines logo along with the cutlery. It's fair to say that it was the Puchi Airlines series that made me fall in love with Re-Ment.



  1. This is really adorable!!! Almost makes me want to get on a plane, but not quite! Makes me want to create a mini flying scene vignette on my blog--fun!

  2. You should make a scene! I bet it would be a lot of fun!


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