Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dear Diary: When Your Trick Backfires :(

Dear Diary,

You know how I mentioned that Big Ol' Bossypants tried to bribe me last week with an orange squidgy thing? Well, I finally found out what the "surprise I might not like" was. A new girl. Since she arrived I didn't get as much attention as usual even though I'm totally the cutest. I know I'm 'a keeper' or whatever but I wanted things back to normal and I wanted them back to normal quick. Was that so wrong, Diary? 

I may have told Little Val that our flat is haunted. I mentioned a white apparition that floats about wailing for pizza at meal times. I thought it might scare her into hiding or something and we'd have a bit of peace. I certainly didn't expect this at dinner time (we do breakfast, dinner, tea here. Northern style):

So I bricked it when I looked up from my chip butty and saw the apparition from my bullpoop story. I ran as fast as I could through the flat with the ghost hot on my heels. Suddenly I realised I'd inadvertently cornered myself when I turn around upon hearing chuckling and see this:

Yep, Little Val played me at my own game. Lesson learned... sort of. Anyway, after I got over my shock/anger I realised I could enact revenge or team up with Little Val: Evil Genius. Having spent a bit more time with Little Val: Evil Genius I'm not so sure of her 'Evil Genius' status but she's no fool. Definite friend material.

Stay sexy,


  1. Whaha love the ghost outfit on the doll!



  2. Thank you, Marielle! I appreciate it :)


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