Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Bonjour Airlines

I'm back from BlytheCon (which was a lot of fun! Pics to follow) ready for Teeny Tiny Tuesday to get back into full swing! 

This week it's my Puchi Airlines set and is one of the few sets I have been able to buy in person. It was a blind box I got the first ever time I stumbled upon Artbox in Covent Garden that I promptly renamed The Cute Shop. I got a really sweet and classic looking Hello Kitty coin purse there this weekend. They even have a Prairie Posie Blythe in the window at the moment. 

This set is called Bonjour Airlines and the menu offers the following:

Ratatouille and Pasta
Two Types of Cheese with Cured Ham
Mini Baguette
Raisin Danish
Berry Tart

Looking at the picture of this set on NRFB Queen I can see there is also a square red dish/mini-tray for the cup and butter to sit on the tray. I must have misplaced it which is a bit poo... oh, hang on, I've found it in with my Pineapple airlines set. Oops. 

I really love the Puchi Airlines sets and wish that I had them all. The dishes are lovely and are a great way of adding extra pieces to your dolly kitchens. I also have a bit of a thing for Re-Ment trays. No idea why but I don't suppose I need to dwell on it too much!


P.S. My Dolly Etsy shop opens this evening at 7pm GMT. Please stop by for a voucher code and pics of all the available items!

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  1. Oh, how adorable! This one looks really tasty, unlike the real thing. ;-)


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