Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Last week I won my first vintage Sindy on ebay for a reet bargain price. Having identified her, I would say she is more 'retro' but she is very sweet and I can't wait to give her a makeover!

At first I thought she might be pop star Sindy from 1985 (I'm still not sure if this is an actual doll or an outfit set!) but from the way her hair is rooted and her overall look I think she is most likely Sunshine Sindy.

I originally intended to re-root her in a natural hair colour. Maybe a nice chocolate brown or a subtle red. After holding up several of my Blythe dolls next to her face I was surprised to find I much preferred her with a fantasy colour. I'm not going to say anymore until the hair arrives but it is going to be quite the transformation!

Hopefully I don't become totally obsessed with these dolls but you can pick up some great bargains, they make a fun project and lastly, they are so cute!


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