Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Parkin Week: Outfit Post

Hi all!

So today has been one of the least fun days ever. Who wants to leave the dolly shelf when it's raining cats and dogs outside? Not me. But it's Parkin week and I have a job to do. Namely, regale you with my interesting insights and plenty of photos of my glorious self.

Given that the weather made taking pretty pictures almost impossible I think I look like a right babe. I'm working that big ol' shadow like nobody's business. I was trying to look coquettish and like there might be something interesting happening off camera to show what an exciting life I lead and how irreverent I am. All totally cool things, right? No, I am not a poseur. How dare you!

Anyway, today I am wearing a dress from Ladybird House, tights by Blythe Dressing Room and Prima Dolly Paris boots. Not to be a total meanie beanie but they look way better on me.

Stay sexy,

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