Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday!

It's Teeny Tiny Tuesday and it's sunny as well, so today couldn't get much better for me!

I have a pretty big sweet tooth and this seems to extend to miniatures whether they are edible or not. I have quite a lot of tiny cakes! These cakes in particular are from the brilliant Natalie's French Treats and come with a pair of cute sugar tins. The lids do not fit well at all but they are decorated with images of carousel horses. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say! The carousel was always my favourite fairground ride when I was a little girl and still is now that I'm an official grown-up, if truth be told. A carousel horse is also printed on the reverse side of the bag for even more funfair cuteness. 

I love the fact that the cakes in this set work as a whole but are different selections. Who wants a whole box of the exact same cupcake? Nobody who is serious about cake, I'll tell you that for a fact.

It's now time for me to go track down some sugary treats. I'll see you soon!

p.s More Natalie's French Treats over here.

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