Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shrink Ray'd!

Parkin week is not over yet, no siree! Let's see what she has in store for today!


Hi guys!

Did you miss me yesterday? I bet you did. I would miss me. I was busy scheming to get my hands on Big Ol' Bossypants shrink ray machine. I knew there was no chance of her lending it to me so I had to wait until the time was right to strike. If I messed up I'd never get another chance again. Ken was coming round at 5pm to return my heated rollers, so the pressure was on for me to get my hands on the ray before Smelly Puny Head arrived.

I chose my scariest outfit and set up the shrink ray facing the door. After a failed first attempt (sorry Flossie!) I struck it lucky on the second go.

You should have seen his tiny face! It was the most hilarious thing I've seen in ages. Ken ended up threatening to sue if I didn't change him back so the fun was over pretty quickly but that's typical Ken. Such a party pooper.

It was so worth it though.

Stay sexy!


  1. Wow - that pink fur coat is amazing!

  2. I LOVE PARKIN WEEK! This is the best Shrink Rayed ever. (sorry bossypants!)

  3. @Candy Pop - I got it from Somedoll on Etsy!

    @Claribari - Parkin says thank you! I'll get over it I suppose :P


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