Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Teeny Tiny Tuesday: Parkin's Take Over Edition

Today Parkin is continuing her residency on Rosie Apples and Friends and taking over Teeny Tiny Tuesday!


Shhh, come closer. Today you are going to be honoured with a sneak peek of my top secret Hello Kitty file with cute paperclips. I'll even show you some of my secret papers if you promise to keep quiet about it!

Right, I'm ready. I don't think anyone else is around. Well, they better not be or else they're in for a sorry and messy end. Don't laugh, this is serious you guys!

So here it is! It's the perfect size for storing all my private documents and has the added bonus of looking so cute nobody would guess at the top secret contents. Always and I mean that, store your private scribblings in the most cutie pie place you can to defeat snooping snoobles. I always keep a set of boring pretend secret documents in a heavily guarded safe in my bedroom. Nobody would ever guess the real hiding place.

Seeing as you have kept your word so far and in the interests of getting to know me better here are a handful of my top secret documents. Have I emphasised enough how TOP SECRET they are! The kite design is the most top secret of all. If this gets out I'll be ruined and my kite collection may never be complete. Do you understand how serious this is?!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to pack my documents away before Big Ol' Snoopy Pants came home and she dared to query the authenticity of this contract. It still stands whether she was asleep when she signed it or not. I have very lucid dreams and would never be caught out in this way so more fool her.

Stay sexy,


  1. The Parkin Posts are awesome. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thank you so much! Parkin is having a great time being in control :P


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