Monday, 27 June 2011

Parkin Week is Over :(

So, Parkin week has come to end and what a week it was! I was told I was banned from reading Parkin's posts last week but I couldn't help myself and ended up having a sneaky peek. Shhh! 

I really wanted everyone to get to know Parkin a little better over last week and even I'm surprised by, well, pretty much everything she revealed!

On Monday I found out the identity of her secret boyfriend, which has been plaguing me for weeks might I add. Although, it turned out she'd ditched him before I even got to say hello. Boo. To be fair, he's a huge poobag by all accounts. She sure knows how to pick 'em.

On Tuesday Parkin took over Teeny Tiny Tuesday and showed us her super cute Re-Ment Hello Kitty box file - plus a peek at some of her "top secret" documents.

Wednesday was all about how stylish she can be.

I became a little afraid on Thursday when I discovered Parkin had fashioned herself a twin from my fabric scraps. Well almost. I dread to think what scrapes Parkin's going to get into after that bright idea!

Friday was spent putting Parkin's latest naughty plan into action which was revealed on Saturday. Whilst I had to wag my finger and explain that the Shrink Ray is not a toy I was practically killing myself trying not to laugh!

Sunday, well, Parkin never gets out of bed on a Sunday. I suppose that's when she concocts her best plans!

Parkin enjoyed herself so much that she will become a regular fixture over here on Rosie Apples and Friends with her own 'Dear Diary' slot every Thursday. I'm sure it will be as juicy as ever!

I think it's time for me to get my very own sign off too, so that it's clear who is doing the talking writing! 

♥ Vicky

p.s Yeah, I know it's no "Stay sexy" but it'll do!

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